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Each child of a homeless individual and each homeless youth have equal access to the same free, appropriate public education, as provided to other children and youths, including a public pre-school education.  A homeless child may attend the District school that the child attended when permanently housed or in which the child was last enrolled.  A homeless child living in any District school's attendance area may attend that school.


The Superintendent, or the Liaison for Homeless Children, shall review and revise rules or procedures that may act as barriers to the enrollment of homeless children and youths.  In reviewing and revising such procedures, consideration shall be given to issues concerning transportation, immunization, residency, birth certificates, school records and other documentation, and guardianship.  Transportation shall be provided in accordance with the McKinney Homeless Assistance Act and State law.  The Superintendent or the Liaison shall give special attention to ensuring the enrollment and attendance of homeless children and youths who are not currently attending school.  The Superintendent shall appoint a Liaison for Homeless Children.  If a child is denied enrollment or transportation under this policy, the Liaison shall immediately refer the child or his/her parent/guardian to the ombudsperson appointed by the Regional Superintendent and provide the child or his/her parent/guardian with a written explanation for the denial.  Whenever a child and his or her parent/guardian who initially share the housing of another person due to loss of housing, economic hardship, or a similar hardship continue to share the housing, the Liaison for Homeless Children may, after the passage of 18 months and annually thereafter, conduct a review as to whether such hardship continues to exist in accordance with State law.

Homeless Child's Right to Education

When a child loses permanent housing and becomes a homeless person as defined at law, or when a homeless child changes his or her temporary living arrangements, the parent or guardian of the homeless child has the option of either:

(1) continuing the child's education in the school of origin for as long as the child remains homeless or, if the child becomes permanently housed, until the end of the academic year during which the housing is acquired; or

(2) enrolling the child in any school that non-homeless students who live in the attendance area in which the child or youth is actually living are eligible to attend.          


PRESS 6:140, Education of Homeless Children

PRESS 6:140-AP, Education of Homeless Children

A "homeless child" is defined as provided in the McKinney Homeless Assistance Act.  If you have any questions,

please call our Homeless Liaison, Carol Lubbs at 815-625-4400.